Los productos de Stream Labs presentan una muy buena solucin para llenar los requerimientos de nuestros clientes para sistemas de visualizaciones multi-imagen y generadores de caracteres.

Diego Milano (Megaservice ASDA, Argentina)

Test Pattern Generator TPG-8

Test pattern generator TPG-8 is a compact, portable device with extreme usability, designed to generate test video signals based on test patterns or other static video images stored in the device memory.

TPG-8 can be used to assess resolution, dynamic range, colour rendition in video monitors, digital video recorders, digital video security, TV, cable video systems and nonlinear editing systems after digitization and compression.

Often people would use a video camera for these tasks. However, the error in this case is initially found at the positioning of the test pattern, brightness and the whole path of image processing, beginning with the lens and ending with signal transformations. A Test Generator with standard test patterns signals is a completely different matter.

Test patterns

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